VIDEO: Yankees Manager Mistakenly Ejected After Fan Yells

We've seen some questionable umpire's calls in the past, but have we ever seen a manager ejected for something a FAN said? Watch what happens to the New York Yankees Aaron Boone:

A fan in the front row blurted out something at Yankee Stadium after just two batters on Monday afternoon, and umpire Hunter Wendelstedt immediately tossed Boone, who was an innocent man.

When the Yankees manager objected that it was a fan who uttered the objectionable comment, the ump stupefyingly shot back, "I don't care who said it, you're gone!"

After Oakland A's leadoff hitter Esteury Ruiz checked his swing but was then sent to first base as a hit batter, Wendelstedt said afterwards "The Yankees’ dugout started, you know, obviously arguing that situation kind of in my opinion too extreme.”

Only problem is, it was actually a fan, not anyone in the Yankees dugout, who sent Wendelstedt over the edge, yelling "Let's go, home plate!" Watch and listen to all the audio right here:

"No! I'm down here! That was from f***n' up there! I did not say a thing," shouts Boone at Wendelstedt, but the ump just didn't seem to care. “In my opinion, the cheap shot came towards the far end (of the dugout)," explained Wendelstedt afterwards. "So instead of me being aggressive and walking down to the far end and trying to figure out who might have said it, I don’t want to eject a ballplayer. We need to keep them in the game. That’s what the fans pay to see. Aaron Boone runs the Yankees. He got ejected."

But the screaming fan who actually was the one that the ump heard can clearly be seen screaming on the broadcast, as seen in the Jomboy video below. 

Should be interesting to see how the major league baseball head office handles this one.