MLB Trade Rumors: 3 Trade Options For Red Sox To Replace Trevor Story

The Boston Red Sox on Monday announced a long-term contract extension for promising rookie infielder/outfielder Ceddanne Rafaela. Having played his stellar defense in center field for nine of the BoSox's first 10 games, his immediate future on the diamond is now up for debate.

With shortstop Trevor Story suffering a devastating shoulder injury that could keep him out for most of the season, the Red Sox have a decision to make about how to shore up the middle infield.

If they decide not to move Rafaela, and to go outside the organization to fill that gaping hole, here are three trade options at shortstop, some more likely than others:

Willy Adames, Milwaukee Brewers

As a pending free agent, Adames has been a trade candidate since last year's deadline, but the Brewers fancy themselves a contender in the NL Central so they are unlikely to be inclined to trade their slugging shortstop. At the same time, there isn't a soul in any brewhouse in Milwaukee who thinks the Brew Crew will pony up the cash to re-sign Adames after the season, so perhaps a trade can be had.

Jorge Mateo, Baltimore Orioles

The Orioles' starting shortstop of the previous two seasons no longer has a regular job in Baltimore as he's been bumped out of the lineup by some of their young rising talent. Now, his job as even a backup at short is in jeopardy with the impending call-up (soon, we all hope) of top prospect in baseball Jackson Holliday to take over at short (bumping Gunnar Henderson to 3B). Mateo will then really be out of the picture. Perhaps Boston can acquire him on the cheap. He provides plenty of speed on the bases (though not much else).

Nick Ahmed, San Francisco Giants

Slick Nick (given that monicker for his defensive abilities at short) is a local kid, from just outside of Springfield, Mass. He recently signed on with the Giants, but it's unlikely they're too married to him at this young juncture of the season. He's hitting .207 through 10 games with an OPS+ of 40.

Certainly, finding a strong external option to replace Story will be a difficult task for the Red Sox. Internally, if they don't want to take Rafaela's defense out of center, they could always go with Vaughn Grissom, even though his defense at short isn't ideal. Currently, he's recovering from groin and hamstring injuries, and was expected to take over at second base in Boston when ready. But necessity is the mother of invention. Maybe Grissom will be forced to handle shortstop after all. 

Photo: Jason Parkhurst-USA TODAY Sports