Davastating News For Trevor Story & Red Sox

It was a tremendous play at short, as Trevor Story laid out and overextended as far as he could to make the diving stop, but it wound up as a devastating blow for the Boston Red Sox and Story, as a "significant" shoulder injury will take him out for the majority—if not all—of this season.

Story himself called it a "significant" injury. 

"It was kind of a freak thing... It was a significant injury and I think we're waiting to get all the opinions." Asked if he still hoped to play again this season, he looked emotional and downtrodden, but said, "yeah, there's always hope for that."

It's being called a left shoulder subluxation (separation) and they won't know whether or not surgery will be required until further examinations on Monday.   

Story's injury troubles since coming to Boston two years ago have allowed him to play just 137 of a possible 324 games (42%) over the 2022 & '23 seasons, and now just 8 games this year. He's hit just .227 with the Red Sox with an 86 OPS+ over that time span, but his defense at short will surely be missed, along with his offensive potential. He has a career 177 home runs and an .834 OPS. 

Photo: Jason Parkhurst-USA TODAY Sports