MLB Rumors: One Team Announces They Will Not Sign Blake Snell

The prospect of the Houston Astros signing Blake Snell has generated considerable buzz, but recent developments suggest that this outcome may be unlikely, with General Manager Dana Brown indicating the team will not sign the star free agent.

The Astros have demonstrated interest in strengthening their bullpen, as evidenced by their significant acquisition of Josh Hader on a record-setting contract, underscoring their ambition to reinforce their pitching staff.

The move for Hader indicates the Astros' commitment to bolstering their bullpen, suggesting that their focus may not necessarily align with making another blockbuster signing like Snell​.

Moreover, the financial implications of Snell's contract demands appear to be a prohibitive factor.

With the reigning NL Cy Young winner turning down a six-year, $150 million offer from the New York Yankees, seeking a higher average annual value or a longer deal, the market for Snell is both competitive and costly.

Teams including the New York Yankees, Los Angeles Angels, and San Francisco Giants have been mentioned as potential suitors, with the expectation that Snell is seeking a deal exceeding $200 million​.

This asking price sets a high bar, one that the Astros might find challenging to meet given their recent expenditure on Hader and their cautious approach to this offseason's budget.

Even with Justin Verlander set to start the season on the injured list, the Astros are unlikely to pursue Snell given Brown's recent comments. Photo Credit: Sergio Estrada-USA TODAY Sports