Milwaukee Brewers Have "Entertained" Possibility of Trading Another Star Player

The Milwaukee Brewers, fresh off the trade of their ace Corbin Burnes, are already considering more blockbuster moves.

Renowned MLB insider Ken Rosenthal has highlighted that the Brewers are more than just open to the idea of trading; they are considering trading their star closer Devin Williams.

This approach indicates a willingness to possibly take a step back for a broader strategic advantage in the future, recognizing the potential to rebuild and come back stronger by leveraging their young, albeit unproven, core and upcoming prospects​.

The speculation around trading Williams is fueled by his impending unrestricted free agency post-2024 and the Brewers' need to balance their roster and financial flexibility.

Williams, identified as a trade target due to his significant contributions and the Brewers' openness to trades, could be a valuable asset in bolstering the bullpen for teams in need, such as the Seattle Mariners.

Trade proposals have been floated, suggesting various prospects in exchange for Williams, highlighting the Brewers' potential strategy to rejuvenate their team with fresh talent while capitalizing on Williams' current value​.

The Brewers' offseason strategy appears to be a blend of cautious player management and strategic planning for future competitiveness.

Over his five-year career, the 29-year-old holds a phenomenal 1.89 ERA, 1.03 WHIP, with 337 strikeouts across 214 innings and 219 appearances. Photo Credit:  Michael McLoone-USA TODAY Sports