Los Angeles Dodgers Sign Former Cy Young Candidate

The Los Angeles Dodgers have signed right-handed pitcher Dinelson Lamet to a minor-league deal.

This decision introduces a pitcher with a notable past in the NL West to the Dodgers' roster, bringing both experience and potential to the team's pitching lineup.

Lamet, aged 31, also received an invitation to participate in MLB spring training as part of the agreement​​.

Lamet's career has been a mix of high promise and challenges.

He notably excelled during the 2020 season with the San Diego Padres, where he demonstrated exceptional performance and was even considered a Cy Young contender due to his impressive ERA and strikeout rates.

However, his journey since then has been rocky, marred by health issues and a dip in performance, particularly in the 2023 season where he struggled with both the Colorado Rockies and the Boston Red Sox, leading to a significantly high ERA​​.

Despite the recent setbacks, the Dodgers see potential in Lamet, particularly due to his ability to deliver pitches that can reach near 100 miles per hour.

The team is likely looking to harness his raw talent and possibly rejuvenate his career by providing him with the environment and support needed to regain his form.

This signing reflects the Dodgers' broader strategy of identifying undervalued assets with upside potential, a testament to their innovative approach to team building and talent development​. Photo Credit: Kiyoshi Mio-USA TODAY Sports