Surprising Team "Showing Interest" In Free Agent Noah Syndergaard

The Pittsburgh Pirates have shown interest in veteran starting pitcher Noah Syndergaard, indicating a potential move to add to their pitching lineup.

Syndergaard, a former All-Star, has experienced some challenges in his recent seasons, particularly after undergoing Tommy John surgery in 2020.

His performance post-surgery hasn't matched his earlier career highs, with stints at the Los Angeles Dodgers and Cleveland Guardians marked by higher ERAs and reduced strikeout rates.

In the 2023 season, he recorded a 6.50 ERA in 88.2 innings pitched across 18 starts, displaying a notable decline from his peak form.

The Pirates' interest in Syndergaard seems to be part of a broader strategy to acquire experienced players at potentially lower costs, given Syndergaard's recent performance dips.

However, the signing of Syndergaard is not seen as a definitive solution to the Pirates' rotation needs.

There are concerns that he might not outperform in-house options such as Roansy Contreras, Luis Ortiz, or Bailey Falter in the upcoming season.

Despite these concerns, the possibility of a "prove-it" deal for Syndergaard suggests the Pirates are willing to bet on his potential to rebound. Photo Credit: Dan Hamilton-USA TODAY Sports