MLB Rumors: Shocking Team “Quietly Monitoring” Blake Snell

It’s difficult to say which part of this rumor is more shocking: the fact that a team that desperately needs offense and already has a stacked rotation—the Toronto Blue Jays— is considering free agent Blake Snell — or the word that Snell and his agent Scott Boras are asking for an insane and outrageous $240 million.

While Snell is the reigning Cy Young Award winner in the National League, his second such award, those are the only two full healthy seasons he’s been able to complete in his 8-year big league career. 

It’s clear that many teams are experiencing sticker shock and aren’t willing to go anywhere near that high in a long-term deal for Snell. The New York Yankees weren't even within $100 million according to a report, and have pulled out of the bidding. 

That’s why the Blue Jays are characterized by Bob Nightengale of USA Today as “quietly monitoring” the situation: If all other teams bail out (like the Yankees and San Francisco Giants apparently), then Toronto figures it could be able to capitalize with a cheaper offer.

But most observers would say that the Jays need to save their funds for hitting this winter. After all, they’re trying to replace free agents Matt Chapman and Whit Merrifield (and Brandon Belt, on a lesser level), all of whom almost certainly won’t be back.

Then again, this wouldn’t be the first strange and bizarre move the Toronto front office has made in recent times, so we can't dismiss the rumor. 

Snell posted a 2.25 ERA and a 1.18 WHIP in 2023 while striking out 11.7 batters per nine innings in winning his second Cy Young award, this time with the San Diego Padres. Snell also won the award in the American League with the Tampa Bay Rays back in 2018, when he went 21-5, with a 1.89 ERA. In an eight-year career, Snell has a 3.20 ERA and has struck out over 11 batters per nine. 

Photo: Orlando Ramirez-USA TODAY Sports