Giants Searching Free Agency & Trade Market For More Power In Lineup

The San Francisco Giants are heading into the 2024 season with a clear focus on enhancing their offensive capabilities, especially in terms of power hitting.

This move comes in response to the recent seasons, which have not met the expectations of the team and its supporters.

To rebound in 2024, one of the Giants' main resolutions is to increase run production to support their pitching staff, particularly Logan Webb.

This goal is crucial as Webb was a standout performer in the previous season and providing him with more offensive backing could be key in turning the team's fortunes around.

Moreover, the Giants' strategy includes potentially adding more power to their outfield.

This approach seems to be in direct response to the trading of Mitch Haniger, a decision that has left a gap in the team's offensive power.

Filling this void is crucial for the Giants, as maintaining a strong batting lineup is essential for their success in the competitive landscape of the MLB.

While the Giants' current lineup doesn't have glaring weaknesses, there is a noticeable lack of ceiling in their offense as per projections.

This observation has likely played a role in the team's pursuit of more powerful hitters.

By bolstering their lineup with players who can consistently deliver extra-base hits and home runs, the Giants aim to enhance their overall team performance and pose a greater threat to their opponents in the 2024 season. Photo Credit: Stan Szeto-USA TODAY Sports