Two Talented Miami Marlins Starting Pitchers Continuing To Draw Trade Interest

The Miami Marlins' young pitchers, Edward Cabrera and Jesus Luzardo, are garnering significant interest in the trade market.

This interest arises amid the annual speculation surrounding the Marlins' pool of young starting pitchers.

Miami has received inquiries about right-hander Edward Cabrera and lefty Trevor Rogers this winter, although no serious discussions regarding a deal have been reported.

The Marlins' depth in starting pitching has been a focal point for other clubs for several years, but recent trades and injuries have somewhat diminished this depth.

The Marlins consider Luzardo and Garrett likely off-limits for trade. Regarding Cabrera and Rogers, their availability depends on the strength of offers from other clubs.

Cabrera, with five years of team control remaining, has a greater trade value compared to Rogers, who has three years left.

Cabrera's recent performance, despite some inconsistencies, enhances his appeal in the trade market​.

Jesus Luzardo, the Marlins' left-hander, is also drawing trade interest.

Notably, there were discussions with the Kansas City Royals about a potential trade involving Luzardo, though these talks have since ceased.

The new president of baseball operations for the Marlins, Peter Bendix, might be more open to considering trades compared to his predecessor.

Luzardo, with three years of club control remaining and a projected salary of $5.9 million in 2024, holds significant trade value due to his performance and contract situation.

However, trading Luzardo could weaken the Marlins' rotation, especially in light of Alcantara's absence and Lopez's previous trade.

The team's payroll constraints further complicate the situation, limiting their ability to strengthen the lineup through free agency, making a trade involving their pitchers a potential route to acquire needed resources​​. Photo Credit: Sam Navarro-USA TODAY Sports