Braves Release Recently-Acquired Player After Unable To Find Trade Partner

The Atlanta Braves recently made a significant roster decision by releasing first baseman Matt Carpenter.

This move came shortly after Carpenter's acquisition from the San Diego Padres.

Initially, Carpenter was traded to the Braves along with left-handed reliever Ray Kerr, a deal that seemed to be part of Atlanta's strategy to strengthen their bullpen.

However, the circumstances surrounding Carpenter's release reveal a more complex picture.

Carpenter's release by the Braves happened just about 72 hours following his acquisition from San Diego, highlighting the transient nature of his stay with the team.

This quick turnaround was unexpected, as the Braves had initially planned to trade Carpenter after acquiring him but found no potential buyers.

Consequently, Atlanta decided to release him outright.

The financial implications of this decision are significant for the Braves, as they are now responsible for the $4 million remaining on Carpenter's contract, which extends through 2024, amounting to a total due of $5.5 million​​.

This move seems to have been a calculated risk by the Braves, primarily focused on acquiring Ray Kerr, a hard-throwing lefty reliever.

In essence, taking on Carpenter's contract was a necessary step to facilitate this acquisition.

The Braves had hoped to trade Carpenter, potentially to offset some of the financial burden, a strategy they had successfully employed in the past with other players.

Unfortunately, in Carpenter's case, there were no takers, leading to his release​​. Photo Credit: Eric Hartline-USA TODAY Sports