4 Teams Showing Interest In Signing Free Agent Flamethrower Jordan Hicks

Jordan Hicks, the right-handed flamethrower, has garnered significant interest from several MLB teams this offseason, with the Houston Astros, Texas Rangers, St. Louis Cardinals, and Baltimore Orioles being prominent among them.

The Cardinals and Orioles' interest in Hicks was expected, as they had been linked to him earlier.

However, the interest from the Rangers and Astros is a more recent development​.

The Texas Rangers, recent World Series champions, have shown particular interest in Hicks due to their bullpen struggles in 2023.

Their relief pitchers combined for a bottom-seven ERA in the majors, indicating a clear area for improvement.

Hicks, with his career-high 28.4% strikeout rate and strong performance post a rocky start to the season, presents an attractive option for bolstering their bullpen​.

The Houston Astros, despite having a strong bullpen, are also considering Hicks.

With key players like Hector Neris, Ryne Stanek, and Phil Maton leaving for free agency, the Astros are in need of replacements.

Hicks, with his impressive stats and potential, appears to be a viable candidate for them, although financial constraints might influence their decision-making process​.

The Baltimore Orioles have expressed their intention to acquire a late-game reliever, with their general manager, Mike Elias, stating the team’s interest in exploring free agency options.

Hicks, known for his high-velocity pitching and solid ground-ball numbers, fits the profile the Orioles are seeking.

Despite some control issues, Hicks' impressive performance in the previous season, including a career-best strikeout rate, makes him a strong candidate for the Orioles​.

The St. Louis Cardinals, a former team of Hicks, have also shown interest in reacquiring him.

This interest aligns with the team's strategic needs and past association with the player.

Each team, considering their respective bullpen needs and strategies, sees Hicks as a potential key addition to their pitching staff for the upcoming season. Photo Credit: Brad Penner-USA TODAY Sports