Yankees Showing Interest In Gold-Glove Outfielder & Cardinals Infielder

The New York Yankees are actively exploring options to bolster their roster this offseason, and two players who have caught their attention are Kevin Kiermaier and Brendan Donovan.

Kiermaier, a free agent known for his exceptional defensive skills, has showcased his value in the outfield throughout his career with the Tampa Bay Rays and Toronto Blue Jays.

Despite being in his mid-30s, Kiermaier made a strong comeback from a previous hip surgery last season, offering a formidable defensive presence and contributing positively at the plate.

His left-handed bat could thrive in Yankee Stadium's hitter-friendly dimensions, making him an intriguing option for the Yankees as they seek to fortify their outfield lineup.

On the other hand, Brendan Donovan, currently with the St. Louis Cardinals, has emerged as a versatile and promising player over two major league seasons.

With an impressive batting average of .283 and an outstanding on-base percentage of .381, Donovan brings a combination of contact skills and an ability to get on base, which could provide much-needed balance to the Yankees' predominantly right-handed power-hitting lineup.

Despite not having an immediate need at second base, Donovan's left-handed batting and positional flexibility make him an appealing target for the Yankees.

Moreover, his relatively young age and five years of control add to his attractiveness as the Yankees look to enhance their roster for the upcoming season, potentially in the outfield or other areas. Photo Credit: Jesse Johnson-USA TODAY Sports