Seattle Mariners "Looking To Add High-Contact Hitters"; 3 Possible Fits

The Seattle Mariners, under the guidance of Jerry Dipoto, president of baseball operations, are making a concerted effort to recalibrate their offensive lineup with an emphasis on high-contact hitters.

This strategic pivot is part of a broader plan to address the team’s offensive challenges, particularly their strikeout rate, which has been a stumbling block to their postseason ambitions.

Moving away from power-centric profiles, the Mariners have made it clear that enhancing bat-to-ball skills is a crucial component of their roster construction this offseason.

This change in direction has already been signaled by their decision not to extend a qualifying offer to heavy hitter Teoscar Hernández, indicating their commitment to a more contact-oriented approach.

Among the potential acquisitions to achieve this goal, Lourdes Gurriel Jr. stands out as a promising candidate.

His adeptness for making contact, combined with his right-handed stance and the ability to hit upwards of 20 home runs a season, aligns with the Mariners' desired player profile.

Gurriel’s versatility also offers potential for strategic field placements, adding value to the Mariners' tactical flexibility.

Another name on the radar is Whit Merrifield, a free agent known for his contact-first approach and infield versatility.

Despite a dip in performance towards the end of the 2023 season, Merrifield's consistent contact rate and right-handed batting could make him a valuable asset in the Mariners’ quest for a balanced lineup.

Additionally, the Mariners might look to the trade market to bolster their ranks, with Max Kepler emerging as a viable target.

Kepler's solid on-base skills and outfield versatility make him an attractive option for Seattle’s strategy. The Mariners are clearly set on a course to fortify their batting order with reliable hitters who can maintain a steady presence at the plate.

By pursuing such high-contact players, the team is looking to build an offense that can not only put the ball in play more frequently but also leverage strategic matchups and reduce their overall strikeout numbers, creating a more dynamic and effective lineup for the coming seasons. Photo Credit:  Rob Schumacher/The Republic / USA TODAY NETWORK