Pitcher Drawing Interest From "Half The League" After Impressive First Season As Starter

Seth Lugo, a free agent pitcher, is garnering significant attention in the current offseason, with reports indicating that more than half of the league has shown interest in him.

This widespread interest stems from his impressive performance in the previous season and his versatile role in the past.

Lugo, 34 years old, has mostly played in the bullpen during his career with the Mets but transitioned to a starting role with the San Diego Padres, who signed him on a two-year, $15 million deal with an opt-out clause.

His performance as a starter was notable, logging 146.1 innings over 26 starts with a commendable earned run average (ERA) of 3.57.

This capability to handle a larger workload without a dip in performance makes him an attractive option for many teams​.

The current market dynamics further amplify Lugo's appeal.

Lugo fits this profile perfectly, offering a blend of experience and reliability without the hefty price tag of the top-tier free agents.

However, teams are now looking at him for a starting role. This interest is particularly pronounced among teams that are in need of starting pitchers but may not be willing or able to compete for the most expensive free agents.

In summary, Seth Lugo's recent transition to a starting role, combined with his proven track record and relatively affordable cost, makes him a highly sought-after player in the current free-agent market.

His experience and versatility make him an appealing option for a wide range of teams, from those looking for a bargain to those needing to fill specific gaps in their starting rotations. Photo Credit: Ed Szczepanski-USA TODAY Sports