Cubs Have "Better Shot" To Sign Coveted Free Agent Than Cody Bellinger

The Chicago Cubs are reportedly more likely to sign Shohei Ohtani than re-sign Cody Bellinger, indicating a significant shift in their off-season strategy.

This decision is rooted in various factors, from financial considerations to team composition and player performance.

Firstly, the Cubs' pursuit of Ohtani is not new.

They were among the seven finalists when Ohtani first joined the MLB in 2017, but couldn't offer him the DH opportunity due to league restrictions at the time.

With those restrictions now lifted, and the Cubs having significant payroll flexibility and a strong farm system, they are in a better position to appeal to Ohtani's desire to win​.

In contrast, the scenario with Bellinger is more complex. Despite a successful 2023 season with the Cubs, his overall performance since his MVP win in 2019 has been below average.

His market value is uncertain, and with the Cubs having other priorities, the likelihood of re-signing him seems low.​ Additionally, there's a reported contentious relationship between the Cubs and Bellinger's agent, which could further complicate negotiations​.

While Bellinger was a valuable player, he doesn't carry the same star power as Ohtani, who could significantly boost attendance and viewership.

The revenue generated from Ohtani's presence could justify the high investment, aligning with the Cubs' broader business strategy​.

In summary, while both players offer unique advantages, the Cubs' greater interest in Ohtani over Bellinger reflects a strategic decision influenced by financial potential, team needs, and player performance.

This decision could significantly impact the Cubs' performance and revenue in the upcoming seasons. Photo Credit: Brett Davis-USA TODAY Sports