3 Teams Linked To White Sox Eloy Jimenez If Made Available

If Eloy Jimenez becomes available for trade, three teams appear to be the most suitable destinations: the Arizona Diamondbacks, Seattle Mariners, and Miami Marlins, according to MLB Trade Rumors.

Each team offers a compelling case for acquiring the slugger.

The Diamondbacks, coming off an 84-win season, have already strengthened their lineup but could still use a reliable designated hitter.

Jimenez's power bat could seamlessly fit into their roster, and their surplus of young, cost-effective players might appeal to the White Sox in a potential trade.

The Mariners recently lost a power hitter in a trade for Eugenio Suarez, leaving a void in their lineup. Jimenez's offensive prowess, whether as a designated hitter or an occasional outfielder, could provide a substantial boost.

While their prized young pitching prospects may be untouchable, they could offer other enticing assets to facilitate a trade.

The Marlins, who showed interest in Jimenez during the trade deadline, are in need of a right-handed slugger to replace Jorge Soler.

Jimenez could fill this void at a reasonable cost, potentially creating a mutually beneficial trade scenario.

These three teams, the Diamondbacks, Mariners, and Marlins, stand out as the most promising destinations for Eloy Jimenez if the White Sox decide to make him available for trade. Photo Credit:  Kamil Krzaczynski-USA TODAY Sports