3 Potential Trade Destinations For Alek Manoah

After a puzzlingly dreadful season, is former All-Star starter Alek Manoah on the trade block for the Toronto Blue Jays?

Certainly, many teams will come calling, hoping that the Jays have soured on him, and that they can restore Manoah to his dominant form after a year in which he went 3-9 with a 5.87 ERA, coming off a Top 3 Cy Young finish in 2022. 

Clearly, the Jays would be selling low (about as low as it gets), but Manoah has established that he can be an ace, so let's have at three teams that could be making a run at acquiring the 25-year-old.

St. Louis Cardinals

These two teams have had plenty of discussions in recent times; last offseason they talked about a possible catcher-for-outfielder trade, though that never came to fruition, and then they actually did come together on the Jordan Hicks trade at the deadline. 

The Blue Jays have previously expressed interest in the likes of Dylan CarlsonLars Nootbaar, and Brendan Donovan.  Toronto could certainly use an outfielder, and the Cards are still in the market for pitching. 

San Diego Padres

This would be a perfect landing spot for Manoah. The Padres already have two front-of-the-rotation type starters in Joe Musgrove and Yu Darvish, so there wouldn't be any pressure on Manoah to step into an ace role, and he could just focus on getting his mojo back. 

San Diego will be looking to replace Blake Snell in their rotation, and are also looking to cut down on salary. Manoah is still years away from being in the contract high-rent district. 

Miami Marlins

With ace Sandy Alcantara out for 2024 after Tommy John surgery, the Fish will be looking for a big-time replacement in the rotation. Manoah's hometown is Homestead, Florida, so perhaps moving closer to home will allow him to get back to being himself. 

Photo: Ken Blaze-USA TODAY Sports