2 Houston Astros Who Won't Be Back Next Season

Martin Maldonado and Michael Brantley's futures with the Houston Astros seem increasingly uncertain for next season, according to Mark Powell of Fansided.

Maldonado, renowned for his defensive prowess and leadership as a catcher, has faced a persistent challenge with his batting performance, slashing a paltry .186/.271/.338 over four seasons with the Astros.

While his intangible contributions to team chemistry are valued, doubts have emerged about his suitability as the full-time catcher. With Maldonado approaching free agency, the Astros may be inclined to explore younger options behind the plate, potentially transitioning to talents like Yainer Diaz.

In a parallel narrative, Michael Brantley's journey with the Astros appears to be reaching its conclusion.

His recent struggles with injuries and diminishing defensive skills have cast a shadow over his prospects as a full-time outfielder, especially for a team vying for a World Series title.

At 36, Brantley may no longer fit the profile of an everyday player. Speculation suggests he may seek opportunities with other MLB teams, possibly in a role that leverages his veteran presence and hitting abilities off the bench.

Over his five seasons with the Astros, Brantley has posted a fantastic .305/.365/.463 triple-slash line across 394 games played.

As the Astros contemplate outfield upgrades for the upcoming season, it appears increasingly likely that Brantley will be donning a different uniform in the near future.

In summary, both Martin Maldonado and Michael Brantley face uncertain futures with the Houston Astros. Photo Credit: Andrew Dieb-USA TODAY Sports