MLB Rumors: Jack Flaherty Was "Nearly Traded" To Another AL East Team

In a surprising twist just before the August 1 trade deadline, Jack Flaherty, the big-name pitcher from the St. Louis Cardinals, nearly found himself on an unexpected path to the Tampa Bay Rays.

Reports revealed that the Rays and the Cardinals had reached a preliminary agreement to trade Flaherty, but this potential deal fell apart due to medical concerns that were unrelated to Flaherty's own health.

Instead, Flaherty's journey took him to the Baltimore Orioles, where his presence has had an underwhelming impact.

As fate would have it, both the Orioles and the Rays are now locked in a fiercely competitive battle for the top spot in the AL East standings.

The Orioles currently lead the division with an impressive 93-56 record, while the Rays trail closely behind, just two games back at 92-59.

The Rays are likely looking back on the missed opportunity with a hint of relief, given Flaherty's recent performance struggles.

Since joining the Orioles, the 27-year-old has recorded an ugly 7.11 ERA, 1.67 WHIP, with 38 strikeouts across 31.2 innings and seven starts.

This near-miss trade involving Jack Flaherty serves as a tantalizing "what if" scenario in the world of baseball, adding an intriguing layer to the AL East competition and reminding us of the unpredictable nature of trade negotiations in the sport.

Photo Credit: Scott Taetsch-USA TODAY Sports