Video: Insane Fist Fight With Knockdown — Jose Ramirez vs. Tim Anderson

An old-fashioned hockey fight broke out at the Cleveland Guardians/Chicago White Sox game Saturday night, and it was a sight to see, with Jose Ramirez and Tim Anderson literally putting up their dukes and squaring off toe-to-toe. And the decision was a knockdown in favor of Ramirez.

 Here's the slow motion replay of the knockdown. 

Ramirez had just slid into second base, between Anderson's legs, and the two exchanged words before they got up and duked it out. It was the White Sox shortstop that threw the first punch, but it was his knees that ended up buckling from a shot to the head. Naturally, the dugouts cleared and a full melee ensued.

"He said he wanted to fight," Ramírez told reporters after the game (per WEWS). "And if he wanted to fight, I had to defend myself." 

 "Before it started, I know Anderson was yelling at (Gabriel) Arias," said Guardians manager Terry Francona. "I think the umpire went and told him to knock it off -- and then when José slid into second, I think José felt like he kind of stood over him. Then things got away from everybody."  

Little tough guy Rougned Odor was suspended for eight games for his sucker punch on Jose Bautista back in 2016... It'll be interesting to see what kind of discipline Ramirez and Anderson receive. It will obviously be much more costly for Cleveland, who not only lose a much more valuable player, but are fighting to stay in the hunt in the AL Central, and are 3.5 games behind the Minnesota Twins for top spot.