Red Sox Legend Wants To "Help" Wander Franco

The Wander Franco situation is not good. After reports that he is under investigation by both Major League Baseball and The Dominican Republic attorney general's division focused on minors and gender violence, many are saying that he will never play in the majors again.

But one Hall of Famer, a fellow Dominican, David Ortiz, wants to come to the troubled shortstop's rescue.

“Big Papi” said that he wants to help Franco, and feels that he's "a good boy." Speaking on the Dominican radio show Grandes en los Deportes, Ortiz said this: 

When I heard about this situation, I tried to make myself available to Wander to see how I could help him because I really wanted to know what was happening with that boy. I spent a long time talking to Wander at the All-Star Game, I really liked him because he is a good boy, like all youth, but the mission of one as a veteran is to guide those boys, not trample on them or mistreat them.

Ortiz, himself, has had to extricate himself from some serious off-field troubles in the past, and has always seemed to come out unscathed. It should be interesting to see if he actually does get involved here with the Rays' beleaguered shortstop. 

Photo: Joe Nicholson-USA TODAY Sports