MLB Rumors: 2 Teams Linked To Rockies Slugger CJ Cron

As the trade deadline draws near, the Philadelphia Phillies and the New York Yankees have emerged as front-runners in the race to acquire first baseman help.

Both teams have shown keen interest in the Colorado Rockies' power-hitting slugger, CJ Cron, to bolster their respective lineups and strengthen their playoff aspirations.

In the competitive NL East, the Philadelphia Phillies have been grappling with a first base dilemma since Rhys Hoskins suffered an ACL injury early in the season.

Despite trying Darick Hall in the position, the team's offensive output at first base has fallen short of expectations, leaving them in need of a more impactful hitter.

CJ Cron's prowess with the bat, particularly from the right side, has caught the attention of the Phillies' management as they aim to solidify their lineup and contend for a coveted wild card spot.

Meanwhile, the New York Yankees find themselves in a similar predicament at first base.

Anthony Rizzo's recent neck injury has hampered his performance, raising concerns about his ability to contribute effectively.

As the Yankees fiercely battle for a playoff berth in a highly competitive American League, they see CJ Cron as a valuable addition who can inject much-needed power and offensive firepower alongside stars like Aaron Judge and Giancarlo Stanton.

Both the Phillies and Yankees are well aware of the significance of acquiring a proficient slugger like CJ Cron to address their roster challenges. As the trade deadline looms, the competition to secure Cron's services intensifies, and baseball fans eagerly await which team will successfully land the coveted power-hitting first baseman. Photo Credit: Ron Chenoy-USA TODAY Sports