NY Mets To Hold Retirement Ceremony For Beloved Former Pitcher

Perhaps to celebrate one of the most fun moments in recent team history (in recent baseball history!), the New York Mets will be holding a retirement ceremony for everybody's favorite home run-hitting pitcher, Bartolo Colon.

Colon pitched at the age of 50 this past winter in the Mexican Baseball League.

He had a 21-year career in the major leagues, until the age of 45, in 2018. He's a four-time All-Star, including as a 43-year-old with the New York Mets in 2016. And that same year is when he gave us the moment that most baseball fans won't soon forget.   

Colon hit his first-ever career home run, in his 19th season. "The impossible has happened" was the call on the broadcast, and that's how everyone felt watching it. 

"Big Sexy" won 247 games in the majors, with a 4.12 lifetime ERA. He was a Cy Young winner in 2005, and a top-six finisher for the award three other times. 

Now he'll get a chance to say goodbye to baseball in "Amazin'" fashion, with the Mets' faithful at Citi Field, on August 26th. 

In addition to his three seasons with the Mets, he also spent six years in the big leagues with Cleveland, four with the LA Angels, a couple with each of the Oakland A's and Chicago White Sox, and six single seasons with six other teams, including the Montreal Expos (!). Yes, we did say he's 50 now.