Los Angeles Angels Acquire Veteran Third Baseman


The Los Angeles Angels smashed several franchise records on Saturday night as they tallied 25 runs in their dominant win over the Colorado Rockies, but that may not have been the biggest news of the night, as they followed it up with a solid trade for a veteran name.

That name would be third baseman Mike Moustakas, who the team acquired from, who else but the Rockies after their big loss, and with a need for more consistency in the lineup, this may be just the veteran name that they needed.

In 47 games in 2023, Moustakas is hitting .270, his best mark since way back in 2017 with the Royals, and while his power numbers are down (4 home runs and 17 RBI's in that time), he is still a veteran presence that can DH or play on the infield, and with a cheap price given up, this could end up being a great move for them. 

Photo Credit: Sam Greene-USA TODAY Sports