Cardinals Rumors: Insider Links Paul Goldschmidt To Contending NL Team

Rumors have been circulating suggesting that the St. Louis Cardinals may be considering a trade involving their first baseman, Paul Goldschmidt, and the Philadelphia Phillies have emerged as a potential destination, according to The Athletic's Jim Bowden and Fansided's Robert Murray.

The Phillies, known for their active approach to roster building, are looking to strengthen their starting rotation and boost their offensive power.

The speculation surrounding a potential trade involving Goldschmidt stems from the disappointing season the Cardinals have been having.

In the event that the Cardinals decide to sell off assets, the Phillies see an opportunity to acquire a player of Goldschmidt's caliber. This move would address the Phillies' need to fill the void left by the injury to Rhys Hoskins and provide stability, power, and improved defense to their lineup.

While the likelihood of the trade remains uncertain, baseball analysts believe that adding Goldschmidt to the Phillies' roster could significantly benefit the team.

However, it's important to consider the cost and fit within the current roster structure.

Goldschmidt's age, contract status, and the potential package required to acquire him are all factors that the Phillies' front office would need to carefully evaluate before pursuing the trade.

Although the Phillies face the challenge of catching up to the Atlanta Braves in the competitive NL East division, their desire to make a playoff push could drive them to explore the possibility of acquiring Goldschmidt.

Ultimately, the decision to pursue the trade would depend on the Phillies' assessment of their roster needs, available trade assets, and long-term plans.

The 35-year-old is having another strong season this year, slashing .288/.378/.493, with 14 home runs, 42 RBIs, eight stolen bases, and 50 runs scored across 77 games played. Photo Credit: Brad Mills-USA TODAY Sports