Cincinnati Reds Expected To Promote Top-Five Prospect

The Cincinnati Reds are off to a below-average start in 2023, with an 18-22 record through their first 40 games, and with no one expecting much out of them this season, it's time for them to take a good, hard look at their future.

On Monday, that's exactly what they will do, as the team are promoting their top infield prospect, No. 5 overall, Matt McClain, a 20-year old that has been fantastic at the AAA level all season long, and he is expected to start in their game against the Colorado Rockies.

In 38 games this season, McClain is hitting .348 with 12 home runs and 40 RBI while playing above average defence, and while the team around him won't be deep enough to compete in 2023, he's a big part of their future, and will now gain some very valuable experience. 

Photo Credit: Sam Greene/The Enquirer / USA TODAY NETWORK