MLB Rumors: Free Agent Catcher Still Looking For MLB Gig

Gary Sanchez, the former catcher for the New York Yankees, remains a free agent as the 2023 baseball season approaches.

While his performance last season was lackluster, he still possesses impressive power that could make him an asset to a team. Despite his struggles, projections suggest that he could still make a comeback.

Sanchez started his career off strong in 2016, hitting 20 home runs in just 53 games. He followed that up with 33 more in 2017 and a career-high 34 in 2019, earning two All-Star nods along the way.

However, his defensive struggles behind the plate also impacted his offensive production, and he has not been able to reach the heights of his early career.

Despite his past accomplishments, Sanchez has not been able to secure an MLB contract for the upcoming season. His performance at the World Baseball Classic did not generate any attention from teams, and he may have to start with a Triple-A contract and play in the minors at the beginning of the season.

Nevertheless, Sanchez's raw power still makes him a player worth considering. While it is unlikely that he will return to the heights of his early career, his potential for a rebound makes him an interesting addition to any team in need of offensive production.

Former teammate Luis Severino believes that Sanchez will sign with a team soon and is waiting for the best option. Photo Credit:  Kamil Krzaczynski-USA TODAY Sports