Los Angeles Dodgers Rumors: Guardians Ace On Team's Radar

The Cleveland Guardians have become famous for trading away top-tier talent when they get closer to becoming unrestricted free agents. As a result, Shane Bieber has been getting a ton of buzz in the rumor mill, and now there are reports that the Los Angeles Dodgers are interested in acquiring the All-Star.

The Dodgers have very high expectations for the 2023 season, as they, understandably, believe that they are strong enough to win another World Series championship. As a result, it is entirely understandable that they want to add another star to their current rotation.

The Dodgers have the assets to bring in a high-impact pitcher like Bieber, so a move is certainly possible. However, the Guardians would likely to hold off from moving him until we get closer to the deadline.

Nevertheless, we will now need to wait and see if the Dodgers’ interest in Bieber results in them acquiring the star pitcher from here. On paper, there appears to be an incredibly good match here.

photo credit: © Rick Scuteri-USA TODAY Sports