Joc Pederson Explains Why It Would Be "Cool" To Face 'Outfield Shift'

With the new shift ban rules in place for the coming season, teams are already trying to circumvent it, by moving their center fielder into the short right field spot where a lot of hits are stolen from left-handed batters. In turn, the left fielder shifts over to cover center. 

San Francisco Giants’ lefty swinger Joc Pederson was asked what he thinks about teams using a loophole to shift their outfielders on him.

I hope so. You don’t have a left fielder? Cool. (I'll) take that hit. If I flare one to left and there’s no one there, it’s a double or a triple.

And on top of that, he feels he has another advantage:

If I hit a ball to center field, I (now would) have a left fielder in center field, not a Kevin Kiermaier or (Cody) Bellinger. It’s another place where an out could be an extra-base hit.

And take note, opposing teams, he's working hard this spring on his oppo flares: 

Pederson faced the shift in nearly 80% of his at-bats last season, and it sounds like he'll be ready if teams try to pull off a new outfield version of stacking fielders on the right side of the diamond. 

The 30-year-old is returning for his second year in The Bay, after accepting the Giants' $19.65M qualifying offer in the offseason. He was an All-Star in 2022, slugging 23 home runs with 70 RBIs in just 380 at-bats. 

 Photo: Isaiah J. Downing-USA TODAY Sports