Breaking: Sign Of Bryce Harper Return Much Sooner Than Expected

In a surprising report out of Philadelphia this morning, we get news that suggests that superstar Bryce Harper, recovering from Tommy John surgery, will be back a lot sooner than expected. 

Phillies president of baseball operations Dave Dombrowksi said on Philly sports radio WIP that the team is not putting Bryce Harper on the 60-day injured list. Which certainly suggests that he expects him to be ready to DH, at least, by the end of May. 

“We’re going to keep our options open," said Dombrowski. And as noted by Phillies beat writer Matt Gelb, it doesn't preclude them from placing Harper on the 60-day later. But that would severely limit their options of being able to bring him back.

And although Dombrowski would not say that Harper's timeline has changed, he just doesn't want to "close the door" at this point.

The two-time MVP had Tommy John surgery to repair his torn UCL in his right elbow back in November. The timeline for a position player to return from the operation is much quicker than for a pitcher. The original plan was for him to be able to return as a DH by the All-Star break. 
But that certainly seems to have been pushed up by quite a bit. 

Earlier this spring, there was already word that Harper was somewhat ahead of schedule in his recovery.

Photo: Nathan Ray Seebeck-USA TODAY Sports