Astros GM "Less Optimistic" On Extensions As Drop Dead Date Nears

The Houston Astros continue their pursuit of locking up some of their young stars to long-term contracts, but it doesn't sound like they'll be able to get it done with either outfielder Kyle Tucker or starter Framber Valdez before Opening Day. 

“I feel a little less optimistic. We may be further away particularly on Tucker than Valdez, but I’m one of those to keep hope alive."

Brown was hoping to get the deals done with the two players by Thursday. “These are going to be more difficult to get done at this juncture,” Brown admitted. “It feels like they’re coming to a close... I don’t like to do much of it during the season, if you can avoid that.”

Brown says he simply doesn't like to hand out decade-long contracts. "I’m just not a 10-year guy. But I would do multiple years. I would even go up to seven.

“I just don’t know that I have the comfort of going as long as, say, maybe I’ll have to get Tucker done. I just don’t like big deals. If they’re open for something a little more than five, maybe I would be open to doing that."

Both Valdez and Tucker can become free agents after 2025. 

“We still have three more years, it’s not the end of the world if we get it done next year or the year after,” Brown said. 

The Astros' new GM did get a five-year extension done with another of his young aces, signing Cristian Javier to a $64M deal a month ago.

 Photo: Kyle Ross-USA TODAY Sports