Tampa Bay Rays Reliever Says Arbitrators Didn't Know Baseball

Tampa Bay Rays reliever Ryan Thompson lost his arbitration hearing. But that's not why he's upset. What ticked him off was that he thought the arbitrators simply didn't know baseball. And he let everyone know with a long thread on Twitter.

He started by putting it out there that he has "no ill-will towards the Rays as they were as professional and respectful as possible considering the circumstances." But then he got right into it, questioning the arbitrators and the process.

He began by saying he had a concern that the three arbitrators "have an unknown knowledge of the game of baseball. Maybe they play fantasy baseball or maybe they call scoring runs “points”. No one knows." He then went on to say it was clear that they didn't have an understanding of basic rules and statistics, and that they were swayed by the Rays' "emotional ploys" rather than baseball facts.
"The process is flawed without a doubt... If I go again, I will definitely play every card in my hand, for you may be able to convince them that 2,4,6,8,10 beats a full house."

It was Thompson's first time in arbitration, and he lost a battle over $200K ($1M vs. $1.2M). 

Photo: Nathan Ray Seebeck-USA TODAY Sports