MLB Rumors: Best Free Agent Fit For Jurickson Profar

Jurickson Profar wasn't the sexiest name on the free agent front this offseason, but he is one of the last men standing. He doesn't have a ton of power or a ton of speed, but he's a legit major league bat, and in fact his OPS+ of 111 last season with the San Diego Padres says he's 11% better than the average hitter. 

He was once one of the top prospects in all of baseball before making his debut with the Texas Rangers in 2012. It didn't quite go according to plan for Profar, with injuries and underwhelming performance tarnishing his reputation. He made himself into a good super-utility player for several years, and now has reinvented himself again as strictly an outfielder. 

So where is the best fit for Profar?

How about back where it all began, with the Texas Rangers.

  • The Rangers have spent copious amounts of cash this offseason to upgrade the pitching staff, bringing in the likes of Jacob deGrom, Nate Eovaldi and Andrew Heaney. But there's still some work to be done on offense, and Profar could fill a void. Which takes us to our next point:
  • Left field is wide open for the taking in Texas. Currently, they'll be looking at the likes of Josh Smith, Brad Miller and Bubba Thompson in left field. Profar would be an upgrade. 
  • It would make another nice "homecoming" story in baseball this season. Not quite at the level of the Andrew McCutchen return in Pittsburgh, or as weird as the Carlos Correa return to Minnesota, but another good one, nonetheless.
Profar declined his $7.5M option at the end of last season, so he'll be looking to get a contract that will at least top that. 

Photo: Kyle Ross-USA TODAY Sports