MLB Rumors: Best Free Agent Fit For Gary Sanchez

As probably the best (only?) catcher still available on the free agent market, Gary Sanchez is looking for a new home. 

Far from his All-Star years with the New York Yankees, Sanchez spent 2022 with the Minnesota Twins, where he struggled to stay over the Mendoza Line for the third straight season, hitting .205 with 16 home runs and a .659 OPS. 

But if Sanchez had a choice for a ballpark to call home, he might want to have a look at Fenway Park, and the Boston Red Sox, as his best fit. 

Sanchez has crushed the ball at Fenway like no other park across the majors over the course of his career (at which he's played at least 15 games). He sports an .882 OPS there with nine home runs and 27 RBIs in 32 starts. His OPS+ of 124 is better than at any other park at which he's played at least 15 games—including Yankee Stadium. 

And wouldn't he just love to hit some bombs in the Bronx as a member of the hated Red Sox? 

Boston, heading into the year without their longtime backstop Christan Vazquez for the first time, has been signing a lot of veteran catching depth this offseason, so perhaps they'd be interested in adding another. 

Sanchez has a career .225 average with a .778 OPS, with 154 home runs and 401 RBIs. Granted, he hasn't been an impact player since 2019, the second of his two All-Star years in New York, but as an emergency fill-in or depth piece, he can still offer some value.