Washington Nationals Getting A New Soto In The Fold

As of this weekend, the Washington Nationals will be back in the Soto business. They're signing their former superstar Juan Soto's little brother, Elian Soto. 

The 17-year-old gets a $225,000 signing bonus, plus a $200,000 scholarship.

Elian is an outfielder and third baseman, and hits left-handed like his brother.

He is seven years younger than his more famous sibling, who was traded away from the Nationals at last year's trade deadline. Juan was also signed by Washington out of the Dominican, back in 2015.

Elian, like his big bro, is represented by Scott Boras, who, along with Juan, turned down the Nats' $440M long-term extension offer last spring. Elian is a long way from an offer like that; he's not considered an "elite" prospect, but certainly, at 17 years old, has plenty of time to develop. And he definitely has the bloodlines.