Seattle Mariners Sign Pitcher

The Seattle Mariners signed Joseph Yabbour to a minor league contract.

Yabbour is a young prospect who is going to need several seasons in the minor leagues before becoming a major league pitcher. This is entirely understandable, as he is only 19 years old, and pitchers tend to take more time developing than hitters as well. However, if he can blossom into a full-time pitcher later down the road, this could become a decent signing for them. However, for now, he will be focusing on being a strong pitcher in the minor leagues and simply working on his craft. 

With this move, Seattle has simply added to their depth and prospect pool. It will be intriguing to see how the 6-foot right-handed pitcher ends up developing from here, but if the Mariners have it their way, he will be an important part of their pitching staff later down the road. Alas, we will have to wait and see if Yabbour can become just that. 

Photo Credit: © Lindsey Wasson-USA TODAY Sports