Red Sox Top Prospect Open To Long-Term Extension

He was just named the No. 1 first base prospect in the majors for the 2023 season, and is expected to come in and be a big part of the re-tooled Boston Red Sox roster. And after a mere 27-game trial last year, Triston Casas is already talking about being open to signing a long-term extension in Beantown.

The 23-year-old told Boston Sports Radio WEEI "I would love to stay in Boston the rest of my life."

But before Red Sox fans get too excited, keep in mind that any such talks haven't even begun to germinate yet. 

Has he had any extension talks yet? “No. None whatsoever … I would love to stay in Boston the rest of my life … I love the city in the little taste I’ve got of it. I don’t know anywhere else and I don’t want to... We’ll see what happens in a couple of years. Hopefully, we get something done…" 

Casas agrees that his small trial at the major league level is too soon to make any conclusions about his future at this point. 

"I think 30 games is too small of a sample size to tell if I’m going to succeed at this level, or not. I definitely sound like I know what I’m doing, for sure. Whether I can back it up is going to be a different story," said Casas. 

And as for any actual steps toward an extension? "Nobody has approached me about it. And my representatives have never even mentioned it to Chaim or anyone in the front office. I’m just focused on playing this year and we’ll see where it goes. If it happens, it happens." 

The Red Sox have lost franchise players Mookie Betts and Xander Bogaerts over the last few years (while extending Rafael Devers for 10 years), so it really could go either way. 

The former 1st round pick in the 2018 Draft has an .858 OPS in three minor league seasons, with 46 HR, 181 RBIs and 10 SBs. 

Photo: Paul Rutherford-USA TODAY Sports