MLB Rumors: 10+ Teams Interested In Bryan Reynolds; Would Be "Surprise" If He's Not Traded

There are a lot of rumors swirling around about Pittsburgh Pirates outfielder Bryan Reynolds and his trade request. Today we get the word from a Pirates insider, beat writer Jason Mackey, who reports:

The majority of people I’ve spoken with would be surprised if he winds up playing at all for the Pirates in 2023.

He goes on to say, with certainty, that "Reynolds will be traded," and he says more likely than not before the season begins, but no doubt before the year is out.

Mackey adds that with Reynolds having three years of club control remaining, interest has been sky-high. He says that "more than a third of MLB has expressed interest" in the 2021 All-Star, which would account for more than 10 teams. 

"Among the suitors, I’m most intrigued by the (Los Angeles) Dodgers, (Texas) Rangers and (Cleveland) Guardians for what Reynolds could potentially bring back. (Toronto) Blue Jays and (New York) Yankees make plenty of sense, too," writes Mackey.

He says that the Pirates would be looking for premium pitching in return.

The Pirates tried to sign Reynolds to an extension earlier in the offseason, but the two sides weren't close, leading to the trade request. Mackey reports that they were about $50M apart, even though the offer would have been the highest-valued contract ever handed out by the team, eclipsing the $70M deal they signed Ke'Bryan Hayes for. 

Following Reynolds' All-Star season in 2021, and the career-high 27 homers he hit in 2022 along with the fine defense he plays in the outfield, Mackey notes that "the type of contract he wants and thinks he has earned isn’t going to happen" in Pittsburgh.

So the trade talks will continue in earnest. 

Charles LeClaire-USA TODAY Sports