Inside Source: Carlos Correa Negotiations "Finishing Up"

It's the free agent contract that just refuses to die. Carlos Correa and the New York Mets have continued their negotiations into a third week, trying to come to terms on how to deal with the medical issues on Correa's leg. 

For Mets fans, they get a very promising report from former major league GM Jim Bowden, who said on MLB Network Radio that a deal to confirm their new shortstop is almost done.

I am being told from a mutual friend that's very close to Carlos Correa that he WILL be a New York Met. They're finishing up the language, and this thing is gonna get done.

It's a source that has been pretty accurate throughout this entire process, I trust it, and I know that I would not be b.s.'d or misled by my source.

This is much better news for the Mets than the last thing we heard, at the outset of the weekend, when a report claimed that the team was considering "walking away" from agent Scott Boras and the whole Correa deal.  

We also got word that at least one other team had entered the mix, and that the Minnesota Twins were involved once again in trying to woo their shortstop back. 

The Mets have been seeking to make changes to the original 12-year, $315M contract they were willing to hand over to Correa—until his past medical history raised a red flag once again. It all centers around how his surgically repaired leg (with a plate in it) will hold up in the latter stages of such a long deal. 

MLB Insider Ken Rosenthal has also offered that the newly-designed contract will be "dramatically different" than the original offer. 

Photo:L Jeffrey Becker-USA TODAY Sports