Another Correa Twist: Talks With Twins “Accelerate”

As the New York Mets continue to struggle to come to adjusted terms with Carlos Correa, Ken Rosenthal of The Athletic is now reporting that Correa talks with the Minnesota Twins are "accelerating."

According to Rosenthal and Dan Hayes, "the possibility of a stunning reunion between Carlos Correa and the Twins is increasing, team sources said Monday night. 

"Two club sources said Monday that talks between the Twins and Correa have begun to accelerate. A separate major-league source confirmed the development as well."

This would be a incredible twist in the Correa saga, which has gone on now for about a month. He signed a 3-year deal with the Twins late last offseason with an opt-out after one year, when Scott Boras wasn't able to land him the mega-$300M+ deal that he was seeking. 

He professed to having loved his year in the Twin Cities, but spurned their $285M/10-year offer last month to sign—first—with the San Francisco Giants for $350M/13 years. But when the medicals raised a red flag and the Giants balked, he immediately signed with the New York Mets for 12 years and $315M. 

They too, for 19 days now, have been struggling to reconcile the troubling medical reports on Correa's formerly surgically-repaired leg, and what it portends for his future. 

Into the 3rd week now of trying to find common ground on a renegotiation of terms, the Mets may be losing their grip, and the Twins are now "seriously" back in the picture.

Hold on to your hats, this roller-coaster ride may hitting another crazy hairpin turn.

Photo: Peter Aiken-USA TODAY Sports