Baseball World Thrown Into Turmoil By Premature Aaron Judge Report

For about five minutes there, the New York Yankees' world came crashing down. Burned down, you might say. But it was only temporary, apparently. MLB Insider Jon Heyman tweeted that Judge was going to the San Francisco Giants. But has since pulled down the tweets. And posted an apology.

Heyman corrected himself to say that the "Giants say they have not heard on Aaron Judge. My apologies for jumping the gun."

How many heart attacks were caused in New York by that "jumping of the gun" is as yet unknown. 

And while the Judge decision has still not been officially made, many around baseball have made some decisions on Jon Heyman. Logan Webb, who actually pitches for the Giants, responded to Heyman's 'correction' with a terse comment:

"Not cool man" was all Webb needed to say.

However, there are "rumblings" around some other Giants players that it would still be happening, after all. 

Whatever ends up happening, it was Heyman's first, misspelled tweet that will be everlasting. In his rush to get the tweet out, he misspelled the name as "Arson Judge." That one will never be going away.

And yes, #ArsonJudge is trending on Twitter. 

We'll keep you posted here at Baseball Rumors. And we'll make sure not to 'jump the gun'. Or commit arson.


Photo: Brad Penner-USA TODAY Sports