MLB Rumors: Price For Rafael Devers Soaring

As the Boston Red Sox and their fans watched Xander Bogaerts being introduced at his San Diego Padres news conference on Friday, they now need to ponder what it'll take to keep Rafael Devers in town. The All-Star third baseman will be entering his walk year in 2023. Can Boston re-sign him? 

According to a report from Red Sox Spanish-language insider Marino Pepén, it'll take a huge commitment.

Translated, Pepén noted, "the market trend each (new free agent signing) raises the price for Rafael Devers. Some are suggesting (it could be as high as) $360 million for 12 years."

No question that Devers is very disappointed that the BoSox didn't retain his partner-in-crime going forward, but that doesn't mean he won't re-sign in Boston—as long as the right deal is put in front of him. That's according to Red Sox insider Chris Cotillo of MassLive.

“Earlier this week, before Bogaerts signed with San Diego," said Cotillo, "a source close to Devers said that while Devers would be disappointed by his close friend leaving, Bogaerts’ decision would not make it more likely that Devers would want to leave Boston.” 

But while extension talks have been ongoing this offseason, the two sides weren't close at last check. In November, MLB Insider Jon Heyman said that the Red Sox latest offer was $220M while Devers is looking for at least $300M. And as noted by Pepén, that price has surely gone up after the crazy amounts of money being thrown around over the last couple of weeks. 

Photo: Jay Biggerstaff-USA TODAY Sports