MLB Rumors: NL Team Poised To Make Official Offer To Xander Bogaerts

With the Winter Meetings now upon us, the baseball world is waiting to see which of the "Big Four" star shortstops signs first. One team that is widely expected to make a very big push to come away with one of them, the Chicago Cubs, is said to be poised to make an offer to Xander Bogaerts.

Marino Pepén is a Spanish-language Red Sox insider, and is reporting that the Cubs are "very interested" in Bogaerts, and they are "expected to make an offer in the next few hours."

It seems like the BoSox could be losing a grip on their 4-time All-Star, as other reports say they have "not made a competitive offer."

Boston Globe reporter Pete Abraham says he's heard from two sources that Bogaerts has been meeting in person with interested teams this weekend and that the Red Sox have not made a competitive offer.

The only theory Beantown fans can hang on to at this point is the one that says "he will give the Red Sox the chance to match the best offer he receives." 

It's coming down to the final strokes, and we'll keep you posted.

Photo: Paul Rutherford-USA TODAY Sports