Jacob deGrom Has A New Home — And A 5-Year Deal

The New York Mets seemingly didn't even know what hit them. After weeks of being confident that their longtime ace would return to Queens, the bomb was dropped Friday evening: Jacob deGrom is heading to the Texas Rangers.

While most observers felt he was in line for a 3-year deal, the 34-year-old squeezed a 5-year contract out of the Rangers, $185M with a conditional 6th-year option that would bring the total take to $222M. That places deGrom second all-time in AAV to his former Mets teammate Max Scherzer. deGrom also gets a full no-trade clause.

Apparently, according to reports, this somewhat blindsided the Mets, who didn't even have a chance to muster a counteroffer.  

Mets Insider Andy Martino of SNY said the Mets saw DeGrom as so far down the road with Texas by the time they were told about it that they didn't even get a chance to determine what their last, best offer would be. 

“I wish him well," Mets owner Steve Cohen told Martino. "He has the right to choose his team. Now this team has to move on to the next thing."

For the Mets, they're hoping that "next thing" is another big-time pitcher, with the initials J.V.