Cincinnati Reds DFA Huge Free Agent Bust

He signed the biggest free agent contract ever handed out by the Cincinnati Reds—4 years, $64M in 2020—but he was also the biggest flop. Now, Mike Moustakas has been designated for assignment by the team, and they'll eat the remaining $22M on his contract.

As noted by Bob Nightengale of USA Today, the "Moose" had 35 HR and 87 RBIs with the Milwaukee Brewers in 2019, before signing his big free agent deal with the Reds. In his three years combined in Cincinnati, he didn't come close to matching those 2019 numbers. He batted .216 with the Reds with a total of 21 HR and 74 RBIs in the past three seasons, with an OPS+ of 80 (that's 20% worse than league average). 

The Reds now have a week to trade him, which is highly unlikely given the $22 million he's still owed. Failing that, he'll simply be released.

The decision to ditch the Moose was made to make room on the roster for their latest free agent signing, a familiar face at catcher

Perhaps this move was to be expected, when at a recent Reds fan event, the best GM Nick Krall could say when asked about Moustakas, was "He's on our roster." 

Now, he can't even say that about him anymore. 

Eric Hartline-USA TODAY Sports