MLB Rumors: Twins Make Multiple Offers To Star Free Agent

The Minnesota Twins are taking their big swing, doing everything they can to bring back their star free agent shortstop Carlos Correa. 

According to LaVelle E. Neal III of the Minneapolis Star-Tribune, the Twins have made several contract offers to Correa, ranging from six years to eight years to ten years. The 6-year deal would be at well over $30M AAV. 

The largest contract the Twins have ever handed out was the eight-year, $184M extension they handed to catcher Joe Mauer back in 2010. But a long-term deal like the ones they've put on the table for Correa would be in the $200M to $300M range.

"The Twins told (Correa's agent Scott) Boras that Jim (Pohlad, Twins owner) loves Carlos, he wants him back." But Neal also noted that, "If they're going to play this game, they have to play it on Scott Boras's terms. And Boras plays this thing out until February or March. Can the Twins afford to wait that long?"

And if they're not able to re-sign Correa? 

"I was told that (Xander) Bogaerts would be the backup plan if they can't get Correa," added Neal. The Boston Red Sox free agent shortstop is thought to be the 3rd-most expensive of the Big Four infielders on the market, and he could come in at or just under the $200M mark. 

Photo: Jeffrey Becker-USA TODAY Sports