MLB Rumors: Top 3 Trade Destinations For Sean Murphy

The only true No. 1 catcher on the free agent market is Willson Contreras, so for all the backstop-needy teams that fall short in acquiring the Chicago Cubs free agent, they’ll be turning their attention to the trade market. And that means either one of the Toronto Blue Jays' catchers or the Oakland A’s veteran Sean Murphy. 
In addition to his stellar defense, Murphy hit .250 with 18 HR and 66 RBIs this past season. 

Here's a look at three teams that could swing a deal to acquire the 28-year-old. 

St. Louis Cardinals

The Yadier Molina Era is over. After 19 years, the Cardinals need somewhere to turn to find their future behind the plate. And with defense always a priority in St. Louis, what better place to start than the fine defensive backstop Murphy, who can also provide some punch at the dish. Sounds like the perfect seamless transition.  

Cleveland Guardians

This is another team in need of a solid veteran behind the plate, and they will also be making a big push to try to land Murphy. Reports had them making several runs at Murphy at this past season's trade deadline. Bo Naylor is a promising young 22-year-old who flashed plenty of power in the minors this season, but how ready is he to lead a team with World Series aspirations? 

Tampa Bay Rays

Here's another contender that's looking to upgrade their catching position. Mike Zunino was an All-Star in 2021, but was injured most of this season and is now a free agent. His fill-ins didn't set the world on fire. 

There are many other teams in on Murphy as well (the Chicago White Sox are another name that's come up quite often), but again, the dominos could start to fall depending on who misses out on Contreras, or one of the Toronto catchers. 

Stan Szeto-USA TODAY Sports