MLB Rumors: Nimmo Has New AL Suitor

Brandon Nimmo is the top center fielder on the free agent market. And it isn't even close. So the fact that he has plenty of serious suitors is to be expected. A new team chasing Nimmo has been revealed by MLB Insider Jon Morosi: The Tampa Bay Rays. 

The Rays had one of the best in all of baseball patrolling center field for them for the past decade in Kevin Kiermaier. They know, as much as anybody, the importance of having that superior defense anchoring the middle of the outfield. With Kiermaier leaving for free agency, however, their interest in Nimmo should not come as much of a surprise. 

Nimmo, though, is expected to command a contract in the 5- or 6-year range, for well over $100M, even approaching as much as $130M. Are the tight-fisted Rays willing to go that high? Until now, the biggest contract they've ever handed out was the 11-year, $182M dollar deal they gave their young shortstop phenom, Wander Franco. 

Other teams said to be in the running for Nimmo include the Toronto Blue Jays, the San Francisco Giants and the incumbent, the New York Mets. All teams with much bigger budgets than the Rays. Should be interesting to see if the Rays can swim in those expensive waters. 

Photo: Brad Penner-USA TODAY Sports