Alek Manoah Calls Out Yankees Pitcher For Cheating

This could make for an interesting matchup next season. A little cross-sport conversation led to a spicy call out from Toronto Blue Jays All-Star pitcher Alex Manoah. He appeared on NBA player Serge Ibaka's "How Hungry Are You" YouTube show, and the former Toronto Raptor asked Manoah "Who is the worst cheater in baseball history?" His answer? "Gerrit Cole."

Manoah explained that the New York Yankees' ace "Cheated. He used a lot of sticky stuff to make his pitches better. And he kind of got called out on it." Whoa. 

Cole was at the center of the whole "sticky stuff" controversy in 2021, when pitchers were banned from using "foreign substances" on their hands to illegally increase their grip and spin rate on their pitches. Cole is known for having trouble explaining his role in whether he 'cheated' by using the stuff.  “I don’t  … I don’t know … I don’t quite know how to answer that, to be honest,” Cole said during a 2021 ESPN interview.

Cole and Manoah do have a history. The Jays' hurler describes the scene earlier this year after he had hit Aaron Judge with a pitch and Cole jumped out of the Yankees' dugout in anger. Manoah challenged him to a fight "If he wants to leave his bench, he can come all the way next time, and we'll see what happens."

One pitcher Manoah gave some props to, however, was 3-time, and defending, Cy Young Award winner Justin Verlander. He called himself JV's "biggest fan."

You can watch the entire Manoah/Ibaka show here

Photo: Kevin Sousa-USA TODAY Sports